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  • Request your support in helping the California Attorney General, Kamala D. Harris and United States Attorney General, Eric H. Holder, Jr. make the right decision and review Solano County District Attorney, Donald A. du Bain's decision not to arrest and prosecute Jane Doe's rapist, James Turrentine.
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  • Request your support in helping the Solano County District Attorney, Donald A. du Bain, Make the right decision and prosecute the rape of Jane Doe.
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January 2013 The District Attorney decided
NOT to prosecute Jane Doe's rapist.
July 2013 Jane Doe passed a polygraph pertaining to her rape.

September 2013
A letter requesting a review of the DA's decision was sent to Attorney Generals.
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October 2013 DA's decision under review by California State Deputy Attorney General.

  • Warn the students of UC Davis and colleges of the Sacramento and San Francisco Bay Area about a group of potential serial rapists.

  • Provide details of tactics used by this group in order to find other potential victims of this rapist. Please contact Justice for Jane Doe with your confidential messages if you or someone you know recognizes or is familiar in any way with any of the details of the rape of Jane Doe.

On the night of UC Davis' Annual "Picnic Day" April 22, 2012, this eighteen year old UC Davis freshman was taken to a strange house in the town of Fairfield, 26 miles away from her campus, where she was raped and sodomised to the point of brutal lacerations inside of her body requiring a $13,000 Level IV Emergency Room visit.
Having been a virgin until the age of eighteen, this innocent young girl was forced to succumb to the most unimaginable violent sexual acts one could ever experience with this predator's sheer size, strength, and penis being his weapons of choice.
This eighteen year old young girl was forced to endure unimaginable Terror and Pain at the hands of this predator. This rapist is on the streets today, free to rape again, he has yet to be arrested.
Every two minutes someone in the United States is sexually assaulted. One out of four students will be raped during their college years. According to the FBI and Department of Justice - Out of every 100 rapes, 46 get reported to the police, 9 get prosecuted, 3 rapists will spend even a single day in prison, and the other 97 will walk free. This Solano County District Attorney (D.A.) will Most Likely Decide NOT to Prosecute the Rape of Jane Doe.
After a law enforcement investigation, all of the time consuming evidence gathered is figuratively placed on a silver platter, wrapped in a bow, and delivered to the D.A.. The D.A. makes the decision to arrest and prosecute or NOT. This decision is based upon whether or NOT the D.A. decides that this case can win at trial. The D.A. has the power to refuse the prosecution of any case, including cases the D.A. feels CAN be won at trial.

This eighteen year old young girl was violently raped and sodomised, she was degraded and humiliated. She desperately uses all of her strength every hour of every day to hold onto what is left of that sparkle in her eye. She tries to concentrate on her old life while excusing herself from class to dry the tears she cries for all that she now has to know. All the while, her rapist and his nine friends run free to live life as they know it.
Most Rapists are not arrested until Police Department investigations are complete and the D.A. decides to prosecute. As of now the Fairfield Police Department has completed their investigation. Shortly this report will be in the powerful hands of the D.A.. Please Do Not Allow Donald A. du Bain to make the ultimate decision of allowing this predator to remain free to rape again solely on what he determines to be the best course of action. Please Do Not Allow Solano County District Attorney, Donald A. du Bain, to act as Judge and Jury.

January 2013 - District Attorney Decided Not to Arrest and Prosecute Jane Doe's Rapist,
James Turrentine
Please help to keep this predators potential future victims free from harm.
Please help to keep their young beautiful minds free from the horrors of this knowledge.
Please make a call, send a letter, or most importantly, sign the petition to Help Get Justice For Jane Doe
Police Report # 12-3897

United States Attorney General
Eric H. Holder, Jr.

U.S.  Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
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President of the United States
Barack H. Obama

The White House
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California Attorney General
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Office of the Attorney General
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California State Governor
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Governor Jerry Brown
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Solano County District Attorney
Donald A. du Bain

Fairfield Office:
675 Texas Street, Suite 4500 
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Phone: 707-784-6800
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CA State Senator
Lois Wolk-5th District

Vacaville Office
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CA Assembymember
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Vallejo Office:
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Mayor of Fairfield, CA
Harry T. Price

Fairfield City Hall
1000 Webster Street
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US House of Representatives
John Garamendi 10th District

Fairfield Office:
John Garamendi 609 Jefferson Street
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Zip Code Needed 94533-0005
CA State Senator
Noreen Evans- 2nd District

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*Alleged - Represented as existing or as being as described but not so proved


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